Updating iData Mobile Datafiles to Work with iData Mobile Plus

The biggest difference between the original iData Mobile and iData Plus is that iData Mobile Plus uses .id3-format datafiles, rather than .idm-format. When iData Mobile was first developed, iOS couldn’t handle multi-styled text and embedded images in freeform text, so we had to come up with a datafile format that used mono-styled text. That constraint is now gone, so iData Mobile Plus can use the original iData 3/iData Pro 4 datafile format.

Any .idm datafile can be exported in .id3 format as follows:

1. Open an .idm datafile in iData Pro 4.

2. Synchronize to other versions on mobile devices if necessary, to make sure that this is the most current version.

3. Review the datafile settings, as the .id3 version will be set to the default settings. (Select Datafile Settings... under the File menu.)

4. Select Save As iData Pro Datafile under the File menu and save the .id3 version to your datafiles folder.

5. Update the datafile settings, if necessary.

6. The Sync ID will also be deleted, so use Save As New Sync File… under the File menu to synchronize the new version to iData Mobile Plus on your iPhone and/or iPad.

Be sure to look through the online
User Guide for iData Mobile Plus to see other changes between iData Mobile and iData Mobile Plus.