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iData™Kwik is a flexible, easy-to-use, database application that can handle any number of datafiles. You design each datafile with a freeform text area and any number of optional fields (or none at all).

Fields can be added to a datafile to provide more structure, and more options for sorting and selecting records.

The freeform text area can include notes, images, sound files, and small videos. Text in the freeform text area can have font and style changes such as bold and italic (rich text). Unicode fonts are supported, so a single record can contain text in a variety of languages, such as English, Japanese, Chinese, and Ukrainian.

Every datafile window has a Find box that is always available to make locating the desired record easy and fast, even in a datafile with thousands of records. Both record filtering and straight text searching functions are available.

Datafiles can be created and edited in iData Kwik on the Mac, then uploaded to, and sychronized with, the mobile device. This makes data entry easier, using the larger Mac keyboard and iData Kwik's extensive import and data manipulation features.

Embedded links to web pages, links to other records in that datafile, email addresses, and links for opening specific files on your hard drive or local network can be added either to a field or to the freeform text area.

You can synchronize datafiles with another Mac running iData Kwik or iData Pro, or with an iPad or iPhone running iData Mobile Plus -- to take with you on the road.

iData Kwik includes a detailed online User Guide that is available through its Help menu. Click this link to see it.

The price is $29.99.

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