File Menu - Import Sub-Menu
Folder of iData Mobile Datafiles

If you have a number of iData Moblie datafiles in folder, you can import them all in a single operation:

        1. Select Folder of iData Mobile Datafiles from the Import sub-menu, under the File menu.

        2. A progress dialog will open, showing the name of each datafile as it is imported. When this dialog closes, the import process is complete.

          NOTE: If the selected folder contains a number of other kinds of files, there may be times when it appears that nothing is happening. This may also happen if some of your iData Mobile datafiles are very large.

This function imports datafiles from the selected folder and saves them to the iData Kwik Datafiles folder.

This function will not replace any files that already exist in your Data Notes Datafiles folders. Datafile names remain the same, except that the  .idm file name extension will be changed to _IDM.id3. for each datafile. For example, Guitar Tabs.idm would become Guitar Tabs_IDM.id3. The _IDM portion is included to reduce naming conflicts with existing datfiles.

If you later need to import individual iData Mobile datafiles, select iData Mobile Datafile... in the same menu.

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