iData Kwik and iData Mobile Plus

About iData Mobile Plus

iData Mobile Plus is an iOS application for the iPhone and iPad, available through the Apple App Store. (We'll just use the term "iPhone" below to keep things simple.)
The name that shows up for iData Mobile Plus in the launchpad is iData Mobile +. The iPhone doesn't have enough room for "iData Mobile Plus".

iData Mobile Plus uses a the same .id3 datafiles as those used by iData Kwik.

iData Kwik and iData Mobile Plus

Although iData Mobile Plus has the ability to create and edit datafiles, the iPhone is not ideal for entering large amounts of text data. iData Kwik can be used to create and edit datafiles that can then be copied to iData Mobile Plus. It can also be used to synchronize iData Mobile Plus datafiles on the iPhone with copies on the Mac, using a variety of connections: WiFi, Dropbox, and iTunes file sharing.

Due to memory and interface constraints on the iPhone, modifications to datafile structure (adding or removing fields, sorting, etc.) can only be done on the Mac in iData Kwik.

Synchronizing Datafiles Between iData Kwik and iData Mobile Plus

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