User Guide - Help Topics

Section 1 - Introductory Help Topics

iData Kwik Basics (Including Version Information)
Datafile Basics

Using the User Guide for iData Kwik

Password Protection and Encryption

Using iData Kwik with iData Mobile Plus

License Agreement and Warranty

Some Real-World Examples

Efficient Data Entry in Field-based Datafiles

iData Kwik Version Change History

Section 2 - General Help Topics

Files and File Locations

The Datafile Window

Toolbar Navigation Buttons

Modifier Keys for Toolbar Buttons

Command Key List for iData Kwik

Changing Command Keys

Section 3 - Functional Help Topics

iData Kwik Menu


File Menu

New Datafile

Save Selected As

Save As New Sync File

Synchronize Datafiles

Remove Sync ID

Show Datafile in Finder

Show Datafiles Folder in Finder

Export As - Freeform Datafile

Export As - Tab-Delimited File

Export As - CSV (Comma Separated Values) File

Export As - Text File

Import - Apple Mail (OS 10.4 and later)

Import - Tab-Delimited File

Import - CSV (Comma Separated Values) File

Import - Custom-Delimited Files

Import - Text File as a Record

Import - Folder of Text Files

Import - Folder of Text Files w/ File Names

Import - iData Mobile Datafile

Import - Folder of iData Mobile Datafiles

Combine Datafiles

Split Datafile

Datafile Settings

Print - Print Current Freeform Selection

Edit Menu

Paste as Plain Text

Copy Link to Current Record

Sort Datafile

Sort Tasks Sub-Menu

Sort Current FTA By Line

Reverse Sort Current FTA By Line

Fields Sub-Menu

Records Sub-Menu

Activate Sub-Menu

Find Sub-Menu

Format Menu

Text Sub-Menu

Apply Default Font and Ruler to Selected Text

Apply Default Font Settings to Current Record

Apply Default Font Settings to All Records

Toggle Highlighter

Datafiles Menu

Set Datafile Hotkeys

Change Folder for Datafiles

Select Menu

Selecting Records

Tools Menu

Date/Time Stamp

Insert Link to File or Folder

Activate Web Address Links

Deactivate Link in Field

Remove Links in Selected Text

View Menu

Customize Toolbar

Toggle Toolbar Style

Scale Freeform Text Area

Switch View

Show Record Information

Go To Record Number

Window Menu

Clone Current Datafile Window