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Available Now: iData Mobile at the iTunes App Store

iData Mobile is an app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch that provides an excellent way to have miscellaneous information at your fingertips wherever you go. 

Do you find yourself writing notes on a napkin in a restaurant, or on the back of an envelope, and then misplacing it? Using iData Mobile instead will allow you to find those notes easily in the future with its fast search.

Or, perhaps you have important information that would be useful to have available at all times. Whether it is a collection of instructions for processes used in your profession, or an inventory of your DVD collection, iData Mobile is a great place to keep them.

Some other examples are:

  • Collections of great quotations, song lyrics, etc.
  • Inventories of DVDs, CDs, books, collectibles, parts, etc.
  • Detailed descriptions of medications
  • Club rosters
  • Glossaries and terminology lists
  • Patient records
  • Information on various plant or animal species
  • Archives of important email messages
  • Messier Objects list for amateur astronomers
  • Tap drill sizes
  • Web page bookmarks with notes about each
  • Shopping and To-Do lists
  • Telephone country codes
  • State or province abbreviations
  • Knitting needle sizes you already have
  • Any other information that you need to keep track of.

Create as many datafiles as you like. Each datafile can have its own structure, and as many records as you need. A record will have a freeform notes area, along with the fields you specified when you created the datafile.

Data in a field can be used to:

  • Open Web page addresses in Safari
  • Dial phone numbers through the Phone app (iPhone only)
  • Create a new Mail message to the address in the field

Synchronize with iData on the Mac

If you have a Macintosh, you do not have to do all of your data entry on your mobile devices. Datafiles can be synchronized through a WIFI local network such as AirPort, or Apple's MobileMe (.mac), to iData Pro 4, iData 3, and iData Lite. These Mac-based versions of iData can all edit iData Mobile datafiles, taking advantage of OS X text handling power, and then synchronize them with copies on iData Mobile, making it easy to maintain identical copies on both platforms. The Mac versions of iData also have extensive import functions that make it easy to get existing information onto iData Mobile.