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Add Table of Contents

The Add Table of Contents function adds a new first record to the front-most (current) datafile. It then inserts lines copied from the first lines of the Freeform Text Areas (FTAs) of each record. The lines are set in the default font and point size for the FTA.

This function is designed to be used with freeform datafiles, but can be used with field-based datafiles. It just won't be particularly useful, due to the way field-based datafiles are diaplayed.

Each line of the table of contents will also be a link to the page from which the line was copied. This is what makes it particularly useful.

To make it even more useful, you can sort the datafile by the first line of the FTAs. The result will be that the TOC will also appear sorted to match.

There is nothing special about the TOC. You can treat it like any other record -- move it, change the font, or even delete it.

Here's the TOC for a datafile of songs. There are records that do not contain songs, so the asterisks (*) at the beginning of each song title are there to make them all sort together.

And here's what a song looks like.

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