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Telephone Dialing Topics

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    Two Ways to Dial a Number

    Setting Up Your Modem

    Dialing a Number

Two Ways to Dial a Number (back to top)

iData provides two ways to dial a phone number that you have stored in a datafile:

    1. By modem - This uses a modem that is connected to your computer and to your telephone using a Y-connector or "splitter". This method is fairly reliable, but some modems don't respond as well as others.

    2. By touch-tone - iData Pro can generate tones that regular touch-tone telephones can recognize. Tone dialing involves holding the telephone earpiece up to the computer speaker while iData Pro generates the tones. The advantage is that no modem is required. The disadvantage is that some telephones or telephone systems do not work with this method. Also, it can be a bit clumsy to do with headset phones.

See the Dialing Preferences help page to learn how to specify how you want iData Pro to dial. This help page also contains detailed information on how dialing works in iData Pro.

Setting Up Your Modem (back to top)

If you decide to use your modem for dialing, see the Modem Preferences help page to learn how to set it up.

Dialing a Number (back to top)

Once your Dialing Preferences and Modem Preferences are set up, you can use iData Pro to dial numbers that you have stored in your datafiles. See the How iData Decides What to Dial section of the Dialing Preferences help page to learn the various ways that iData can find the number that you want to dial.

    1. Locate the record containing the number that you want to dial.

    2. If appropriate, highlight the number to be dialed, or click immediately in front of it.

    3. Lift the handset of the telephone.

    4. Select one of the Dial menu options, click one of the toolbar Dial buttons, or type command-D, depending on which dialing function you want to use.

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