File Menu - Import Sub-Menu
Apple Address Book

To import the entire Apple Address Book as a field-based datafile, select Apple Address Book in the Import sub-menu under the File menu.

When the import is complete, you will be asked to name the new datafile and save it. You may name it whatever you like, but be sure to save it to your standard iData Datafiles folder if you want the new datafile to show up in the Datafiles menu in iData.

The fields that are imported and the data in each field will be based on your Address Book settings. You may find that you have several fields that have similar names where single field would do. In particular, you may have home address information for some people and work address information for others. We suggest that any changes regarding these matters be made in the Address Book, followed by a re-import. If you ever decide to re-export your imported datafile to Address Book, you'll want to keep the field names unchanged, so that Address Book will know where to put the data.

The order in which the fields appear is partially based on the order in which they are encountered during the import process. You can rearrange them using the  Modify Fields function. Three fields that normally don't show up in Address Book are Creation, Modification, and UID. The  UID field represents the Unique Identifier used by the Address Book to identify each record.  Including this field may improve performance when exporting back to Address Book. You can also use the Modify Fields function to hide these fields when viewing in List View.

All records will be imported. iData does not currently provide a way to import partial Address Book content.

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