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Grab Web Address

Is your Bookmarks menu overflowing with web page address? Having trouble remembering what half of them are for? By allowing you to store text and images with a web page address, iData 3 can help you keep a useful collection of thousands of web page address. You can later use iData's search and select funtions to find the pages you want.

With the click of a button or pressing of a keystroke, iData Pro can get the title and URL (web address) of a web page, create a new record in the current datafile, and paste the title, URL, and contents of the clipboard into the new record. This is useful because you can later launch the web page by clicking the blue underlined link in an iData Pro record. The keystroke for Grab Web Address is: command-option-G

Supported Web Browsers

Because iData Pro uses AppleScript to get this information from the browser, which requires the name of the browser, only browsers that we know about can be supported -- and only those that support Applescript. If you know of a new browser that iData Pro does not support, please let us know and we will see if we can support it. (Select E-mail iData Partners under the Help menu.)

At present, iData Pro supports the following web browsers:
If more than one browser is open, iData Pro will grab the web page title and address from the browser that was opened first. No preference is given to the default browser.

(Firefox and Opera do not currently support the Applescript calls needed to get web page addresses.)

Launch Web Address

If you click a link in iData Pro such as the system will open the web page in a new window of the default web browser. If the browser is not running, it will launch the browser and open the page. It will do this even if some other browser is open.

Setting the Default Browser

The default web browser is set in the General tab of System Preferences.

Setting up iData Pro for Grabbing

See Datafile Settings - Web Address for instructions on specifying the Web Address settings.

Toggling the Paste Option

If you have enabled the paste clipboard option in the settings and want to grab a URL without pasting, there are two ways to do it.

  When clicking the Grab link from Web browser toolbar button, hold down the option key. This will do the opposite of what is selected in the Datafile Settings...

To always paste any copied styled text and images, type command-control-option-G.

To always paste any copied text as plain text with no images, type command-shift-option-G.

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