Carolina Quickstep

Bluegrass Band

Carolina Quickstep in Lakewood, WA

Carolina Quickstep was a Bluegrass band that was formed in Washington around 1980. Band members lived in various areas along I-5, from Ft. Lewis in the south up to Seattle in the north.

We got lots of jobs through Chris Lunn, founder of Victory Music. The most consistent was Friday nights at Mom's Pizza in Lakewood, but the biggest was the 1981 Tumwater Bluegrass Festival.

While I was a member, the band consisted of (left to right):
          Rick Lewis - lead vocals, guitar, and mandolin
          John LaCross - lead guitar
          Mike Wright (me) - tenor vocals, mandolin, bass, and occasionally guitar
          Allan Walton - banjo and baritone vocals
          Terry Shaw - fiddle and bass

The following are a set of songs that we taped in a recording studio around 1981. I had lost track of my cassette version, but when I got back in touch with Terry some years back, he sent me a CD copy of the tape. I ran across the CD recently and was so pleased with the quality that I decided to put it up on my website. Unless otherwise noted, the songs are:

Rick - lead vocal and guitar
John - lead guitar
Mike - mandolin
Allan - banjo
Terry - bass

Alabama Jubilee
Brown's Ferry Blues
East Virginia Blues  Rick - mandolin, Terry - fiddle, Mike - bass
Going Home
I Wish You Knew
Red-haired Boy  Rick - mandolin, Terry - fiddle, Mike - bass
She's No Angel